What is teeth whitening or teeth bleaching?


If you want to improve the color of your teeth and show off that beautiful smile of yours you may consider teeth whitening, or sometimes called teeth bleaching. Bleaching or whitening your teeth can improve your confidence drastically. Teeth lose their whiteness over time,  this is due to many reasons, certain foods we eat, types of drinks , cigarette smoking, etc.



Benefits of whitening your teeth:


Having a glowing, white smile can dramatically improve and enhance your appearance. We all want to look our best especially when it comes to our teeth and hygiene. Other benefits are increased self esteem, boosted confidence, also it kills bacteria that can cause disease and tooth decay.


How it works:


We apply a whitening gel, afterward there will be a high powered light that speeds up the whitening process applied. This is all done in 30min


Tooth Bleaching: Keeping Teeth White


After having your teeth bleached, you can help maintain the results by brushing, flossing, and rinsing daily. Also, avoid acidic and tannin-rich foods and beverages such as:

  • Black teas and coffee

  • White and red wine

  • Sports drinks

  • Carbonated beverages (dark and light-colored sodas)

  • Berries and other strongly-colored foods

  • Sauces (soy, tomato, curries)


30 Minute Teeth Whitening - $150

1-3 shades lighter during our 30min zoom teeth bleaching session