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Woman’s Scalp Micro Pigmentation 

Woman’s SMP is designed to give woman suffering from hair loss a cost effective option to attain their beauty goals. By eliminating the contrast the scalp has with the hair to give a fuller and complete look. 

Men’s Scalp Micro Pigmentation 

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-invasive treatment that uses detailed micro-needles to deposit pigment into the scalp. The result creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles that help thicken and restore the look of fuller hair. If you are starting to thin, recede, or if you are completely bald, we can give you the look of a short buzz cut.

Pigment Line

We use an organic ink certified and tested with a 100% natural shade from 5pm shadow. 5pm Shadow is made from carbon black, distilled water, and alcohol. We believe in exceeding your expectations by only using the best ink on the market with proven results. We are able to customize each shade to ensure every dot will color match each client. Our ink is non-toxic and of the highest quality, which differs drastically from traditional tattoo inks which have been known to migrate or change color when they enter into the skin. Over time our ink will simply fade with sun exposure into a soft shade. Touchups are not required but offered to maintain a crisp look every few years after service is rendered.

First Session

The first session will include a pre draw of the new hairline which will be soft, hard, or hybrid. Once a new hairline is approved the first session will begin. On average the first session is normally two to three hours long. A soft hairline will be staggered for a hyper natural effect, a hard hairline will resemble a barber line up, and a hybrid hairline will mimic a slightly aged hairline at the temple points. On average three passes will be made from the hairline to the crown to create a very soft outline on the skin. As you continue your next three sessions the crown will get darker with color. The front of the hairline will be made to match your age, preference, and density. The first session will heal after two weeks which ensures that your canvas is ready for your second session. First session requirements are to wear SPF daily and maintain the no strenuous activity rule.on whether a touchup is necessary.


The Scalp Master technicians only use the best needles on their clients. All of our needles are single use, and properly discarded into our sharps container after each use. All of our machines are cleaned in between each service with medical grade Cavicide wipes, and the grip is submerged in quat solution in between clients to ensure maximum cleanliness. We ensure the strictest sanitary practices possible to maintain our permits, licenses, and insurance. Each needle is a Japanese steel which allows the needles to stay sharper for a longer length of time, which shortens the time per session. Each needle has a safety membrane that protects the machine from back flow and is 100% EO gas sterilized.

Second Session

The second session will occur approximately two weeks later in order to fill in faded areas, and blend in the crown and sides. On average the second session is normally one to two hours long. Depending on the type of hairline chosen at the first session, the second session will accentuate these features by perfecting the temple and crown. All Scalp Master technicians err on the side of caution, so the impressions on the first session are light and sparse, therefore leaving substantial room for changes at the second session. A contrast is created on the scalp as each pass overlaps with the healed first session. Density is achieved by layering the scalp with precision and color adjustment. Hyper realism is achieved by softly creating a pointillism effect on the skin and decreasing the color dilution to mimic real follicles. The second session will heal after two weeks which ensures that your canvas is ready for your third session. Second session requirements are to wear SPF daily and maintain the no strenuous activity rule.

Skin Tone

The Scalp Master technicians take great pride in understanding different Fitz categories one through six for each client. We have worked on all ethnicities, and skin types which allows us to replicate follicles that will color match your skin tone. We use a specific ink made for Scalp Micropigmentation that can be diluted with distilled water in order to ensure you leave with natural looking impressions that blend in with your native follicles. Understanding skin tone, hair color, and facial symmetry are mastered techniques at The Scalp Master, and we proud to present a meticulous record.

Third & Fourth Session

The third and fourth session are only required to finish the scalp and create a final true density on the crown. On average the third session is one hour long and focuses primarily on the back of the crown. Normally the hairline is completely healed and perfect at this point, but mild peppering is done to blend in any remaining faded areas. The third session will heal after two weeks which ensures that your canvas is ready for your fourth session. On average the fourth session is one hour long, and only affects the hairline and mid to back crown. The purpose of this session is to ensure perfect blending with native follicles. Once you are completely happy with the hairline, crown, sides, and temples your treatment will be completed. The fourth session will heal after two weeks which ensures that your canvas is ready to resume normal activities. Third and fourth session requirements are to wear SPF daily and maintain the no strenuous activity rule for four days before resuming normal activities.

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