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The world's fastest growing hair loss solution, scalp micropigmentation has been chosen by more than half a million men and women worldwide to conceal thinning hair, and even total baldness. Now available at The Scalp Master in Los Angeles, clients of all ages and backgrounds are discovering the benefits of scalp micropigmentation and leaving hair loss related anxieties behind for good.


Who Can Benefit?


Men and women wanting:

  • to cover hair loss

  • conceal scars from hair transplantation

  • for thinning hair to look thicker and fuller

Get Real Results


  • Non-surgical

  • Non-prescription

  • No side effects

  • No recovery time

Get Personalized Care


Our scalp micropigmentation technician will work with you and create a customized hairline that matches your natural hair patterns.

Transform Your Look

Changing Lives One Scalp At a Time. 

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP®) Is an innovative solution for a variety of hair loss types. This tattoo method replicates the appearance of thicker, fuller hair for men and women.


The Scalp Master creates a natural pattern that’s specifically designed for your every day needs & style, according to the characteristics of your hair loss and color of hair using sophisticated SMP techniques and technology.

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Alex Porter , CA

“Dre did an amazing job on my scalp. I love the natural results, people are shocked when I tell them it's a tattoo (SMP). I highly recommend him to everyone!"
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Joy Lowe, CA

"Life changing procedure, 100% recommend for anyone on the fence about it. Dre is exceptional at what he does, he's the man for the job"

Lisa Baker , AZ

“I wasn't happy with my thinning scalp until I saw his facebook add about hair loss and booked, I am so happy that I did.
I can now ditch the hair powder for life”
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